About Us

Supergems is a well established company based in Antwerp, Belgium – the world’s capital for diamonds. With offices and representatives in Antwerp and Hong Kong and customers in over 50 countries, we service pawnshops, single store retailers, chain retailers, online jewelers, and jewelry manufacturers. 3rd generation diamantaire and over 50 years in the business, we:

  • recut damaged, old cuts, poor cuts, and chipped diamonds to maximize their value by matching today’s market demand.
  • buy recycled, polished diamonds of all shapes, sizes, colors, either set in jewelry or loose. These diamonds can be HRD certified diamonds, Gia certified diamonds, IGI certified diamonds, or non-certified. They must be natural diamonds & untreated diamonds.
  • We buy all types of diamond shapes. Pear shaped diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, Oval shape diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a few examples that we buy. We buy diamonds mostly over 1ct in size.
  • operate as a diamond manufacturer, with operations in diamond cutting, trading, and jewelry manufacturing.
  • strive to implement the latest technology with which to improve the diamond buying experience - we were amongst the first to adopt high-res photos and 3d videos on our websites. We’re now busy adding tilting videos to show the sparkle, and enable 3rd party video storage for you to show your customers with total anonymity.
  • have been involved in the Kimberly Process dates back to 2003. We have followed, and believe undoubtedly in the De Beer’s Best Practice Principles. We are members of the Beurs of Antwerp, affiliated with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (the global body of Diamond cutters and traders).